Choral Arts Society of Frederick

artistic Staff & Board Members

CASF board members are elected annually by CASF members. There are no prerequisites to hold office. It is expected, however, that those who wish to hold an office will take an active interest in the affairs of the choir. While the planning and decision making are group efforts, it is expected that applicants for positions have abilities in that area. For example, applicants for the treasurer position must have some financial background.

Artistic Staff

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Lynn L. Staininger (learn more, email)
ACCOMPANIST: Jerrold Tidwell (learn more)


PRESIDENT: Brenna Hill (email)
VICE-PRESIDENT: Laura Rutledge
SECRETARY: Marivic Sison

Section Leaders

SOPRANO: Kay Maiwald (email)
ALTO: Marcia Walker (email)
TENOR: TBD (email)
BASS: Jeff Fishman (email)

Ad Hoc

ADVERTISING: George Severine (email)
PUBLICITY/SOCIAL MEDIA: Sarah Tapscott (email)
TICKETS: Brenna Hill (email)
FUNDRAISING: Laura Rutledge (email)
LIBRARIAN: Kay Maiwald
WEBMASTER: Katherine Dotterer (email)

The Choral Arts Society of Frederick is a non-profit organization funded by grants, endowments, membership dues, fundraising drives, ticket sales, and tax-deductible gifts.

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